YouthCore all begins with learning how to be of service to the community. Being kind, polite, and offering help to senior citizens and those in need is a foundation to becom­ing a YouthCore team member. Through service and hard work, young people build connections and grow as people in the help offered to our community. Learning how to give and be supportive to others establishes a basic understanding of what it means to become a good worker and community member. Youth can get started now by filling out this Welcome Packet.

To schedule a YouthCore job, e-mail:

To learn more about this program, please contact Neal Hatley, Director of Youth Employment & Workforce Development.  E-mail Neal at or call him at (704) 506-0094.

Fire Fuel Reduction Survey:  We are helping to assist local land owners to secure their property from potential fire danger. Complete this survey for a review process to see if you qualify. Once approved, a Crew Manager will schedule a YouthCore Crew . For more info call Jamie or Neal at the AntFarm Outdoor Building at: (971) 361-8447  or email: