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Rural communities face unique challenges when it comes to the Arts as the resources are minimal, transportation is not easy, and poverty has a stronger impact than urban areas.  Rural areas experience "flight" of young adults and creatives to metropolitan areas to access opportunities and experiences. . AntFarm is creating resilience and sustainability in  rural Clackamas County through impactful youth and community experiences. AntFarm Music Academy is building the infrastructure for a vibrant youth music scene in a rural setting. We are establishing a  platform of support to fill the community need for artistic expression through pro-social music acitivies.

AntFarm Music Academy is accomplishing this goal in three phases.  Phase one involves the dissemination of music education. Free music lessons are happening now for our local youth. Youth are learning to play instruments that are in-tune with the roots-music-oriented culture such as Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Piano, and Voice.  Phase two will introduce a "rock-band/school of rock" model of instruction in which students learn to play their instruments in conjunction with other youth of similar skill level. Phase three will have the advanced students put in teaching roles for beginners, solidifying their learning. Additionally phase three will also focus on community development and general culture. AntFarm will facilitate regular opportunities for youth to perform through live music shows. Finally Phase four will put the youth in charge of curation of live performances and the running of shows through live sound education.

AntFarm Music Academy will be the primary entity that pushes the youth music scene initiative in our organization, and the communities only non-profit music program. Our four-part campaign will create artists, the structure, and opportunity for youth, which in turn creates community resilience and sustainability.

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