What We Do

Help Build Healthy Communities
Support Young People and Their Families
Teach Sustainability Through Education and Practice

It's All In a Name


We've been asked countless times why we chose the name AntFarm. In a nut shell: "Ant" is an iconic example of hard work, community mindedness, persistence and perseverance. "Farm" is a source of nourishment, skill and growth.

The Might of One

Have you ever felt really small and alone?  Kind of how an ant might appear to be.   If you really watch and observe you will find out these little guys are pretty impressive.  Did you know that if an ant were our size they could lift a car and run faster than a horse.  Pretty mighty huh!

The Power of Many

What we can achieve as a group is boundless.  This act of coming together and working as a team is empowering and rewarding.  Ask an ant!

Partnerships and Supporters

Local Sponsorships
Market Vendors
Grant Providers and Agencies

Our Services

Youth Job Skill Development

YouthCore strengthens positive core values through work. Local Businesses provide job shadow and internship experiences. AntFarm Café and Bakery teaches young people kitchen, coffee, and customer service skills. AntFarm contracts support youth employment.

Community Outreach and Connections

CommunityConnect offers free help and service to senior citizens in need AntFarm Café and Bakery provides a great place for community meetings and fun get-togethers for friends.

Arts Program

Poetry Slams provide a great way to share poems and writings. Local Artists and Groups meet and display artwork. Musicians and Entertainers share their talents with youth and the community. Writing and Art Classes provide opportunities to express and learn.The AntFarm Cultural Arts Center empowers people to express themselves and their culture in a safe and open way.

Educational Assistance
Axis Learning Center is a great place for community meetings, a study space for students, and free tutoring for youth. Local Businesses lead training sessions and provide job shadows, internships, and future employment.
Horticulture Program

AntFarm Learning Garden supports in the education of youth while growing vegetables year round.

Leisure and Recreation Programs

Outdoor Adventure is a great way to get out of the house into the local wilderness every month

Sustainable Practices

The AntFarm Cans and Bottles program collects and sorts recyclable 10 cent containers. AntFarm Learning Garden teaches how to plant, grow, harvest, and eat vegetables.

Farmers Market

Mount Hood Farmers Market brings local farmers, artists, and musicians together weekly during the summer months.

City and Business Partnerships

Grant funding, Foundations, and Sustaining the Seasons donors invest in AntFarm’s youth programs. AntFarm contracts provide funding for youth employment. Local Businesses teach, provide job shadows and internships for local youth. Farmers and Artists teach and share locally grown and made products.

Our Locations

Cafe and Office Address- 39140 Proctor Blvd, Sandy Oregon 97055

AntFarm Horticulture Site Address- 38050 US-26 Sandy Oregon 97055

Mount Hood Farmers Market and AntFarm Outdoor Programs Address 38600 Proctor Blvd. Sandy. Oregon 97055

We are currently open for indoor dining, outdoor dining and takeout. We ask that everyone continue to be mindful of the health and safety of everyone by wearing a mask. Please practice social distancing and hand sanitizing. Thank you!

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Our Offices

For questions about rental assistance and COVID support call:
(503) 668-7962
For questions about youth services and community connect call:
(503) 668-9955
Hours-9am-5pm M-F

Our Cafe

39140 Proctor Blvd
OR 97055
(503) 668-9955
Hours-7am-3pm Monday-Sunday

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