What We Do

Help Build Healthy Communities
Support Young People and Their Families
Teach Sustainability Through Education and Practice

It's All In a Name


We've been asked countless times why we chose the name AntFarm. In a nut shell: "Ant" is an iconic example of hard work, community mindedness, persistence and perseverance. "Farm" is a source of nourishment, skill and growth.

The Might of One

Have you ever felt really small and alone?  Kind of how an ant might appear to be.   If you really watch and observe you will find out these little guys are pretty impressive.  Did you know that if an ant were our size they could lift a car and run faster than a horse.  Pretty mighty huh!

The Power of Many

What we can achieve as a group is boundless.  This act of coming together and working as a team is empowering and rewarding.  Ask an ant!

Partnerships and Supporters

Local Partnerships
Market Vendors
Grant Funding

Programs & Services

Addiction Prevention & Support

AntFarm has been working with the communities of Estacada and Sandy in establishing an Alcohol and Drug Prevention Coalition for each community.


Axis Learning

Axis Learning provides educational activities to NE Clackamas County in Estacada, Molalla, and Sandy. Students, with the help of adult mentors & tutors, accomplish; credit recovery, GED testing preparation, literacy assessment for example.


Café and Bakery

The center and hub of activity for AntFarm in Sandy, this large community space has supported youth development, healthy eating, and sustainable living since the cafe opened in 2012.



CommunityConnect helps NE Clackamas County elders maintain independent living by assisting with home management tasks that they can no longer do.



Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts provides an intentional focus on cultural awareness and integration.



Emergency Support Services

AntFarm responds to Emergency needs in Clackamas County.


Estacada Youth & Family Resource Center

Located in downtown Estacada on Zobrist Street, this small and intimate community space is being developed for cultural arts events, lectures, classes, and community meetings.


Estacada YouthHub

A primary initiative in Estacada and Sandy is empowering youth through youth participation in AntFarm workgroup and leadership meetings.


Housing Services

AntFarm is an important resource for local youth whom have life struggles resulting in unstable living situations.


Molalla Youth & Family Resource Center

A primary initiative in Molalla, Estacada and Sandy is empowering youth through youth participation in AntFarm workgroup and leadership meetings.


Mount Hood Farmers Market

Full of music, fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade foods, art, and many community activities, the farmers market has become a cornerstone for community support with an average of over 30 venders each week.


Nuevo Futuro

Nuevo Futuro is a grassroots program for Latinx and Hispanic people addressing barriers of language, resource access, and lack of opportunity, while supporting cultural integration throughout Clackamas County.


Outdoor Adventure

AntFarm provides an opportunity for youth to connect to the wilderness through outdoor experiences.



AntFarm’s “can and bottle program” provides youth with work skills experience and gives youth and the community the opportunity to learn sustainable living practices 365 days a year.



RedWind is the land and Spiritual Community providing the founding tenants and support for AntFarm Youth Services.



YouthCore is a hands-on training program teaching basic employment skills while becoming an employee of AntFarm.


Youth Gardens

The Sandy Youth Garden and Estacada Youth Garden strengthens community through service learning, recognition of food instability, active work and movement, and skills development.

Sandy Locations

Cafe and Office- 39140 Proctor Blvd, Sandy Oregon 97055

Sandy AntFarm Youth Garden- 38050 US-26 Sandy Oregon 97055

Mount Hood Farmers Market and AntFarm Outdoors Programs- 38600 Proctor Blvd. Sandy. Oregon 97055

Estacada Locations

Estacada AntFarm Outdoors-
354 SW 2nd Ave, Estacada, OR 97023, USA

Estacada AntFarm Indoors-
350 SW Zobrist St, Estacada, OR 97023, USA

AntFarm/Harmony Bakery Garden-
221 SW Wade St, Estacada, OR 97023, USA

Molalla Location

Contact Us

Our Offices

For questions about youth services and community connect call:
(503) 668-7962
Hours-9am-5pm M-F


Our Cafe

39140 Proctor Blvd
OR 97055
(503) 668-9955
Hours-7am-3pm Monday-Sunday

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