Adult Housing Services

Adult Housing Crisis

Rural Clackamas County is no different than other areas of the world where our neighbors, friends, relatives and community experience the outcomes of poverty, addictions, mental health struggles and discord that often results in housing instability and homelessness.

Relationships First

AntFarm recognizes the importance of developing relationships with our homeless community members to learn more of their lives to support and help assist problem solving toward health, healing, and stability. Our approach is direct, honest, and compassionate. We welcome conversation, a cup of coffee, and an exchange of life experience. As we build trust in relationships, we build plans together.

Community Responsibility

Our work in Sandy, Estacada, and Molalla supports all community members to be safe, strong, and resilient. Our adult homeless services provide intensive case management, addictions support, life skills training, and resource development. We believe in developing housing options while we also support developing healthy lifestyles…

To learn more about our housing services, please email or call our office at (503) 668-7962.


Adults being served