volunteerpic1In our CommunityConnect program, our youth and adult teams provide assistance to local senior citizens. The teams help with home management tasks: splitting and stacking wood, raking yards, cleaning gutters, weeding, gardening, painting, and more.

Youth learn valuable community service, work and social skills; adult volunteers provide mentorship and leadership; and the senior citizen feels supported, happy, and valued as the team works hard on projects the senior is unable to do. In many cases, this valuable program allows senior citizens to remain in their homes.

I would not be able to live in this home, with my beloved dog, if it wasn’t for the jobs that the CommunityConnect kids do for me on a regular basis. Sandi Holstein, Sandy, OR

CommunityConnect is a valuable and necessary service to our elderly population. They (AntFarm) have been always stepped forward when asked to help. This community is fortunate to have them. This community is not the same since they arrived. They are really helping the seniors stay in their homes by providing such a core service. It is also great to see the youth learn how to care for others and help as well. It is a good thing they are doing. Cami Henderson, Sandy Community Center