Youth Housing Services

Housing Navigation: Support to find stable housing

The young people in our rural communities are not interested to join housing efforts that remove them from their community, family, and friends. In this, there is a strong unaccompanied community of young people that “couch surf, tent, live in garages, barns, or storage sheds.” This living choice is less risky than moving into a more urban area. AntFarm supports long term relationships with these young people to assist with safe and focused planning.

Life Skills: Support to learn how to live

Over the past 12 years AntFarm has worked with over 4,000 youth. We have established internships and employed a quarter of these youth in our workforce programs. We have supported tutoring, arts expression, outdoor adventure experiences, and job skills development. Specific skills training includes all life skills such as navigating families, friends, schools, problem solving, decision making, money management, community navigation, and self-advocacy. We provide the support through general and specific cultural activities and events identifying the vulnerable population as well as build a community norm that is inclusive and supportive of all.

Host Homes:  Support from community members   

AntFarm is excited to invite community members to become Host Homes for youth struggling with stable housing.  A Host Home is Host Homes are private family homes in the community that support young people with the support and help from AntFarm. Those providing care within the Host Home live there as their primary residence and take on the parental role of providing care to the child.

To learn more about our housing services, please email or call our office at (503) 668-7962.


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