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Sustaining the Seasons is AntFarm’s year round donor support program that provides young people opportunities to be engaged, involved, and contributing to their future and the future of our community. It is a way for our community to invest in the future of our youth and the community in which they live.

At AntFarm, we believe that all people can be healthy, live with purpose, and contribute to our world. Our mission is to create and connect a healthy, purposeful, and compassionate community by providing life-changing learning experiences for youth. It is through our mission that we have established nine dynamic and powerful programs that operate year round.

We have designed our donor support program with 4 levels:

Winter member level Winter is a quiet time to be in relationship with each other and prepare for a new year. We are thankful for those whom give $5 to $15 a month as a Winter Level Donor. Receive a $5 AntFarm gift card as our thanks to you!
Spring member level Spring is a time of new beginnings. Your gift of $20 to $40 a month supports our spring planning for summer programming. Receive an AntFarm t-shirt as our thanks to you!
Summer member level Summer is a time of growth. Your gift of $50 to $70 a month supports AntFarm’s growth as we have all of our summer programs in full swing. Receive an AntFarm travel mug as our thanks to you!
Fall member level Fall is a time of harvest and gathering all the lessons given. Your gift of $100 a month helps AntFarm review the lessons learned during our programs. Receive an AntFarm hoodie as our thanks to you!

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If you prefer not to use PayPal, please send us a message with your phone number to:
We will call you to enroll you in our giving program.  Thank you!