AntFarm Summer Work Programs 2021

We are excited to announce that 62 students have officially completed the Summer Work Program!

Persephany with her Summer Work Program Banner

Every Summer, AntFarm opens up its doors for students to gain work experience and learn how to live a happy, thriving life while in the workforce. Whether they are interested in working outside with YouthCore or joining one of our Trail Crews, or gaining customer service experience in our café, we have a variety of locations for them to step in, get their hands dirty, and leave high school with the tools and experience they need before  stepping out into the real world.

Along with our on-staff team members, we were excited to have two Occupational Therapist interns working with our enrolled high school students, teaching classes on how to live a fulfilled life in the workforce and how to find joy in their future careers.

Before joining the Summer Work Program, Isabelle was looking for something to do over the summer that wasn’t sitting at home watching TV. Finding AntFarm, she found a way to make the most out of her summer. “There was a sense of community,” she said about the program, “Everyone is so kind and understanding.” From her classes to working face-to-face with our café customers, she was allowed to grow in her tactile skills including how to write a resume, working hands-on with customers, and how to communicate well with others.

Jocylyn (Left) and Isabelle (Right)

Jessica, another Summer Work Program student, said her favorite part of the program was, “How kind people are.” She also said the program is great to “learn good people skills and understand how a job functions and it’s great practice… I learned how people should act in a work force and how to communicate with others.” Out of all of the classes they took over the program, she said her favorites were when they learned how to write a resume, driving safety, and the work do’s and don’ts.

Jocylyn had similar wishes for her summer before joining the program. “I wanted some practice in a job,” she explained, “and I didn’t have any experience and got to do AntFarm so I can learn some café experience.” She loved learning about how the café functions and getting to gain first-hand experience in helping manage the everyday tasks, working alongside our baristas and kitchen staff. She is excited to use the experience she gained during the program to apply for a job in the future.

While we are sad to see them go, we are excited to see where they are headed. AntFarm was founded with the mission that every student would live a happy, purpose-filled life and our Summer Work Program is a major part of that mission. While the program, might have ended, our work still continues. If you are interested in supporting the work we do and helping students like Jocylyn, Jessica, and Isabelle, send us an email at