Crossword Challenge!




1. B.A.C. stands for blood alcohol content, a ____________ of how much alcohol is in the blood.
3. Another word for being drunk.
4. Cirrhosis is a long-term alcohol abuse disease of this organ.
7. Someone who knows they are physically addicted to alcohol.
9. Alcohol is not a stimulant, but is this type of drug.
11. From the stomach, alcohol goes directly into this system, where it quickly travels to the brain and other organs of the body.
12. Alcohol can affect the body's functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and ___________.


2. One of the three types of alcoholic beverages.
5. Advertising for alcohol is not always ____________.
6. Alcohol can change the way a person acts or ________________.
7. Your body may become dependent on alcohol. Therefore, alcohol can become _______________________.
8. A person who drinks too much will not have as much of this, making it hard to walk a straight line or drive a car!
10. Overuse of alcohol can lead to an early onset of heart disease and _______________.
11. Alcohol can kill brain ________.
13. Overuse of alcohol can cause painful _________, especially in the stomach.
14. The ________ drinking age in Oregon is 21
15. Alcohol has no ________________. You would not see it recommended on the food pyramid!


**Word hints: alcoholic, behavior, breathing, coordination, depressant, intoxicated, liver, measurement, true, ulcers, addictive, cells, circulatory, legal, liquor, nutrition, strokes