Autumn Baldwin

Autumn has been in real estate for almost 20 years and is currently an active licensed realtor in Oregon & Washington state. As someone who has lived in places such as California, Wisconsin, Alaska, Washington and Oregon, she has called Sandy home for the past decade. Her inspiration and hope for working with the youth of AntFarm comes from her own understanding of the unique struggles that our youth face today. When she is not selling client’s their dream homes she enjoys spending time with her own children and grandbabies, being of service in the community and hiking with her favorite Frenchie named Toro.



Madeleine Eno

I first wandered into AntFarm when it was under construction, very curious about what it was going to be. There was a crew working, and I asked if they needed anything. Nunpa said, "Can you bring us some dinner?" I brought some dinner--and have never really left. I believe in AntFarm's mission--and know that the open heartedness of that mission is what has made this organization so unique and such a vital part of our community. It has been so gratifying to be part of AntFarm as a volunteer, as it has grown in so many directions to be exactly what this community needs. Madeleine is a writer, teacher, and book guide who helps authors bring their books to life. She’s been a magazine editor, an instructor in the Oregon Trail School District, and has worked with young people to help them discover the power of their uniqueness and their creative voice. She and her husband John have lived in Sandy for more than 15 years, where they have been foster parents and community volunteers. When not writing or reading manuscripts, she's probably skiing, hiking to hot springs, or heading out on a road trip.


Joe Goodley

Joe is currently the Youth Sports Coordinator for Rowe Middle School in Milwaukie, OR. He’s worked in the education field for the past 18 years— as a SMART reading program volunteer for eight years, in the classroom and drama department at Jefferson High School, and as an on-site coordinator with Todos Juntos (All Together) at Rowe MS. The different contexts and variety of positions have allowed Joe to understand and plan how to work with youth in one on one situations and in small or larger group settings. He believes teens should allowed to be themselves, while also learning life skills to help them in future endeavors, and that his patience and objectivity would be a great asset to AntFarm.



Alma Hartman

Alma’s professional experience is formed by three pillars: helping tell their stories, creating meaningful content, and fostering engaged communities. She has worked in large public and private companies such as Logitech and the United Nations Foundations, and spent an extensive part of her life living and working in Peru, India, Singapore, Colombia, and Mexico. Specifically, she spent five years in Peru mobilizing her small business collective of 55 artisans. She has worked to preserve traditional knowledge systems while creating equitable livelihoods. She is incredibly passionate about women, girls, and indigenous people's rights and believes now more than ever, we need to create spaces where common understanding and prioritization of the collective good are placed front and center. We need to reach out from our comfortable cushions and remember that we live in a vast and diverse place with many lived experiences and perspectives.


Diane Johnson

Diane has lived in Sandy for 22 years. For 16 of these, she has worked for Oregon Trail School District. Diane runs a program at Sandy High School where she works one on one with students who have some type of disability. The goal of the program is to help students find a job. Diane facilitates a yearly Transition Night at Sandy High School where she brings together several agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Fact Oregon, and Developmental Disabilities. These organizations come together to explain to parents what services they can offer their children. Success to her is watching her students realize their strengths, rise to their potential and attain a job. When not working, Diane loves to camp with her husband of 35 years and her four grown children.


Penny Mock

Penny’s career was in Special Education as a teacher and consultant specializing in vocational and transition planning. As a retiree, she became an adjunct professor at Portland State University as well as a board member for the Oregon Association of Vocational Special Needs Personnel. She now volunteers for NAMI, teaching and facilitating support groups for families of people with mental illness. She also works with people with addiction issues and in elementary school classrooms and is a tutor at AntFarm when she’s not hiking, skiing or traveling the world.



David Snider

Dave worked in middle-management for a number of Fortune 500 companies (PageNet, E*Trade Securities, Nike) and owned his own ground transportation company for almost 6 years. He embarked on a mid-career change in 2009 with the goal of finding a more fulfilling professional life, completing a Master's of Public Administration from Portland State University in 2011. During his studies he accepted an internship at Sandy City Hall, and was hired by the City of Sandy as the City of Sandy's first Economic Development Manager in 2012.



Kim Wheeler

Living and working in the Sandy area since 1983, Kim has always had a heart and love for our community.  Having 5 children and 2 grandchildren of her own, she has such an appreciation for the youth in her community and the support and guidance that we give to them as a community.  That is why AntFarm is so important to her.  Starting as a volunteer in December of 2010, we were just a vision and a vacant building.  With much work and dedication from so many we are making a huge difference with our youth and elders, which is why serving on the board is so important to maintain and protect the vision of our founders. 

Kim works at John L Scott Realty in Sandy, attend Sandy Baptist Church, and is a member of East Metro Association of Realtors.  When not dedicating time to her community, she loves camping, gardening and the beach!  Her family’s homestead is in Boring where they raise beef cattle and enjoy the country simplicity.