AntFarm Café & Bakery

AntFarm Café and Bakery is all about wholesome food, connecting our community, and hands-on learning. The café provides a beautiful space where people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy healthy and delicious food, great company, and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Truly, all are welcome here.

We carefully select food to support local sustainability, natural and organic growing practices, and the farm-to-table movement. The menu features diverse and inspired flavors in an array of freshly made salads, sandwiches, soups, fresh pastries, bread, gelato, and desserts. And we’ve got something to please meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets alike.

And we are a non-profit—every dollar you spend in the café goes toward funding our 7 innovative programs that serve local youth. To support AntFarm, customers may purchase refillable AntFarm Café and Bakery Gift Cards in any amount or round up their purchase.

Café and Bakery Hours: Monday-Sunday 7-3:00

menu fall 2016

Cafe Menu (clickable)

Thank you, AntFarm! Not only is your food so fresh, healthy and tasty, you are also doing great things for the youth in our community!
—Molly, Sandy Oregon