Cristina Diaz

Latinx Nuevo Futuro Supervisora/Supervisor

Office Phone: (503) 668-7962

Being bi-cultural is an important piece of my job, as I am able to connect with the Latinx community.  As a person of color, it’s important for me to be able to connect and support the Latinx community.  Growing up, I wasn’t aware of any resources.  Oh, how I wish I could of have had an advocate that spoke my language and understood my roots who would have given me the trust and courage to ask for help.  I’m invested in my community and willing to make my community a home.  I want to empower Latinos and teach them that “SI SE PUEDE” (Yes you can). It’s an honor to be part of the Nuevo Futuro Program at AntFarm.

Cristina is the program manager for the Nuevo Futuro Program also supervising our Covid Team’s Latinx Case Managers.  She embraces and empowers Latinos in Sandy, Estacada, and Clackamas County.  We are excited to see her grow this Latinx “New Future” program.

Neal Hatley

Outdoor Services Director

Office Phone: (503) 668-9955

Growing up on the farm, my Grandpa used to say “Any job worth doing is worth doing right.” This is a lesson I try every day to teach to our youth. There’s a lot of different tools that will get a job done, but taking the extra time to determine the best one will help you ensure that it is done right. Whether we are building a trail up on the mountain with one of our YouthCore Teams or cutting the grass for one of seniors through CommunityConnect, the idea of building core values through our work is always front and center.  

Neal’s prior experience and passion for helping youth makes him a great asset to AntFarm. Neal oversees all Outdoor services including YouthCore, CommunityConnect, Learning Garden, Woodlot, Planet 365, and Mount Hood Farmers Market.  He manages our largest group of youth volunteers and employees.  They are all in great hands.

Valerie Salazar

Director of Youth Services

Office Phone: (503) 668-9955

I have been working in the field of youth development for many years serving is a champion for young people and their families. I have established workforce development programs, taught life skills and financial literacy, and support individual internal asset building with a focus of internal/external stability. I believe it is important to provide a solid perspective on the importance of culture and the value of equity and inclusion. My experience is in high risk and vulnerable youth outreach and crisis de-escalation, including sex trafficking, gang work, homeless, LGBTQIA, communities of color, and foster care. 

As Direct of Youth Services, Valerie is an advocate for community partnerships and positive youth development experiences.  She oversees our Alcohol & Drug Prevention, Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project, Axis Learning Center, and overall youth development.  When youth come to AntFarm, she will make sure they learn and grow from their experience.

Two Foxes Singing (Nunpa)

Executive Director

Office Phone: (503) 668-7962

When my partner and I established AntFarm years ago, we did so from the teachings of Frank Fools Crow. He spoke a basic truth: “Survival of the world depends on our sharing what we have and working together.”  It is through these words I discovered my passion that positive change occurs when community works together. Focusing on youth as the next generation and seniors as those with the experience and history of the past has definitely demonstrated the positive change necessary to make Grandfather Fools Crow words a reality.  When we support each other, regardless of political or personal beliefs, we always find common ground and discover healthy ways to live together.  I am thankful that AntFarm has become a place where healing occurs for all people. 

Two Foxes Singing, known as Nunpa, is an Occupational Therapist, community leader, and youth advocate.  With his life partner of 20+ years, Nunpa and Damon founded AntFarm in 1997. Damon continues to provide support for staff and programs, while Nunpa serves as the Executive Director overseeing our Café & Bakery, grants & funding, accounting, and systems administration.

Rebecca Shields

Covid Team Manager

Office Phone: (503) 668-7962

I joined AntFarm not knowing one thing about their mission or what they do.  Once I started, I just fell in love with everyone here and what they do every day to serve the community.  I found I have a passion for getting people the help they need and providing excellent customer service and case management.  I am so thankful I am here.  This job and my team teach me something new every day, and I am constantly growing and changing in positive ways. 

Rebecca supervises our Covid Team which helps the people of Clackamas County who are affected by Covid-19 by paying their rent and utilities.  The rent assistance and wrap around programs increased AntFarm’s visibility and connection with Clackamas County youth and community members.

Chris Stanton

Estacada Community Manager

Office Phone: (503) 668-9955

As a community member in Estacada, I see the struggles that our youth are having in and outside of schools.  In my journey toward adulthood, many people influenced my life with direction and encouragement to get me to where I am today.  I made an intentional choice to leave the field of teaching to work at AntFarm, so I could focus on the social and relational side of mentoring youth.  During this career transition and upon many hours of reflection and meditation, I discovered that my dream is to sit with youth without my primary focus being academics or sacrificing my family time.  In doing so, I now have the ability to offer youth my full attention, so they become the most important person to me in that moment.  In my family, Sisu is a word we use as a litmus test for grit.  I can now provide youth with the opportunity to find Sisu.  This takes time, and now I have that time with them. 

Chris Stanton is a veteran teacher, outdoor guide, and youth mentor.  He comes to AntFarm with 20 years of teaching experience and working with middle school and high school age students within the additional after school clubs and programs he has started.  At AntFarm, Chris serves as the Estacada Community Manager spending most of his time in the middle and high schools, as well as, making connections between the community and their needs.

Anne Stevens

Director of Human Resources & Administration

Office Phone: (503) 668-7962

When I was a struggling new mother, I sought out the help of a non-profit breastfeeding group. I was so thankful for the support, I wanted to give back to others. I became a volunteer supporting other mothers and that organization for 10 years. Realizing the importance of non-profits and volunteering, I also started helping at a local horse rescue where I continue to volunteer today. My passion for non-profits and volunteering led me to AntFarm. I see lives positively impacted daily from AntFarm’s program: satisfied customers, accomplished tutors, excited youth, thankful community members, and fulfilled employees. I am so grateful to contribute my skills to and be a part of this incredible organization.

As our Director of Human Resources and Administration, Anne brings to AntFarm the skills and knowledge to keep us organized and following policies and procedures. Anne and her team are in charge of human resources, marketing and public relations, administrative services, risk management, facilities management, and quality management.